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What is Amazon Route 53

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Amazon Route 53

Amazon Route 53 provides highly available and scalable Domain Name System (DNS), domain name registration, and health-checking web services. It is designed to give developers and businesses an extremely reliable and cost-effective way to route end users to Internet applications by translating names like into the numeric IP addresses, such as, that computers use to connect to each other. You can combine your DNS with health-checking services to route traffic to healthy endpoints or to independently monitor and/or alarm on endpoints. You can also purchase and manage domain names such as and automatically configure DNS settings for your domains. Route 53 effectively connects user requests to infrastructure running in AWS – such as Amazon EC2 instances, Elastic Load Balancing load balancers, or Amazon S3 buckets – and can also be used to route users to infrastructure outside of AWS.

The name is a reference to TCP or UDP port 53, where DNS server requests are addressed. Though exact date not found, Amazon launched Route 53 somewhere in 2013.

Why Amazon Route 53?

Amazone Route 53 has many advanced features

  • Advance Routing Policies
  • Private DNS
  • Health Check
  • Integration with other AWS services
  • Programmatically control DNS system

Amazon Route 53 supported TLD

  • .COM
  • .NET
  • .ORG
  • .COM.AU
  • .CO.UK
  • .IO
  • .INFO
  • .CO
  • .DE
  • .CA
  • .ME
  • .US
  • .EU

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Amazon Route 53 Pricing

  • .COM $12/yearly
  • .NET $11/yearly
  • .ORG $12/yearly

Hosted Zone

$0.50 per hosted zone/month for the first 25 hosted zones
$0.10 per hosted zone/month for additional hosted zones

You can contact with AWS if you need more than 500 hosted zones.

Traffic Flow

$50.00 per policy record/month

A policy record represents the application of an Amazon Route 53 Traffic Flow policy to a specific DNS name (such as in order to use the traffic policy to manage traffic for that DNS name.

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AWS Simple Monthly Calculator

Amazon Route 53 Documentation

Amazon provides an overview of Amazon Route 53, detailed feature descriptions, procedures for using the console.

Download Developer Guide .PDF

Download API .PDF

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